Progress Report: Lazette Gifford’s 2 Year Novel. 2017, March: Stalled

Progress: None. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

March Flash Fiction: Not done! But I revised an older flash fiction from 2014, so there’s that. Read Hyperspace Here.

It was a rough March. Aside from revising Hyperspace, I haven’t written more than 150 words creatively.

It rained the first week, then I spent the next two weeks sick and coughing so much I couldn’t dictate without coughing fits (bad while driving). Then I just got lazy, convinced myself I needed a break, and got wrapped up in audio books to catch up on Anne Bishop’s “The Others” series so I can read one of the books I won.

Now I’ve burned through the lead I had in my 2 year novel and failed to finish a flash fiction. To make matters worse, I’ll be in Florida from the 10th – 16th for Star Wars Celebration. Writing will not be happening.

Good Job, Jessica.

What did I learn from this?

A writer in motion does not stay in motion.

We must constantly fight to keep moving forward on the writing journey. It’s a steep, uphill climb over a slick surface. If you take your foot off the gas you’ll slow down or, worse, slide backwards. The farther you slide, the more you slow down, and the harder it is to get that forward momentum back again.

Writing is work. I like being lazy. The rain and being sick was a nice vacation from making my brain do creative somersaults. I tried to convince myself that listening to music allowed my brain to mull over the stories, which is true. Unfortunately I didn’t record any of my in-the-car ideas and now I can’t remember them. I enjoyed just listening to music… I enjoyed listening to the new books, too. I didn’t want to stop listening to the books and go back to work, so I didn’t use my work breaks or lunch to plan out dictation session goals. No goal = no dictation. No dictation = Fun book/music time!

The rain, being sick, and taking a “vacation,” were excuses. I could have decided to turn the less-productive morning commute into book or music time. Instead, I got greedy and lazy and now I’ve not only burned through the month head-start, but I’ve actually lost ground: I’m not done with the flash fiction OR the short story.

A writer in motion has to fight to stay in motion.

Now I have to fight harder to get back the momentum that I lost.


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