When I was young, my mother said that I would either grow up to be a writer or a pathological liar. I’m not sure the two things are mutually exclusive.


I’m Jessica Kruppa and I’ve wanted to be a writer for a very long time. Back when I had more free time I finished a full length (~100k) novel and a bunch of short stories of varying quality and had ideas for more novels sitting on the back burner. But then I went back to school, finished a couple of degrees and became a professional librarian. It is something I love, pays better than an entry-level office assistant, but came with an unexpected drawback: I suddenly had far less time than I used to.

I went from a 10 minute commute to a job with seasonal down-time to an hour/hour and a half commute (2-3 hours a day) to a job with an unending stream of books to catalog. I’m also married with two kids, and that comes with its own set of responsibilities. After several months and realizing that more time wasn’t just going to fall in my lap, I realized that I was going to need to hunt time down with a stick and beat it into submission.

This site is my journey to find the time to write (and eventually publish books) when I don’t have time to write.



Jessica grew up in Chester, California, a tiny little town where it snows 8 months out of the year, where you might find a mountain lion living in your back yard, and where an active volcano might wipe you off the face of the earth. Good times.

She has a BA in English, a Masters in Library and Information Science, and works as a Cataloging Librarian and gets to describe and organize countless books that she’ll never have time to read.

She’s been writing on and off for more than a decade and, because she’s naturally lazy, has only finished one (terrible) fantasy novel and a gob of short stories largely made up of Star Wars Galaxies fan fiction.