~60,000 words or more. Content is not posted here (at this time) but summaries and query letters, as well as information about the project and where it is in the process is located here.

Title Word Count Written Notes
The Cycle of Sin 102,838 2010 Summary
Untitled, 2017 Pending 2017 Pending

Short Fiction

1000 words or more. Active projects are still in the revision/submission process, so only a project summary is provided.

Title Word Count Written Notes
One Spared to the Sea  7,428  2013 Summary (active)
Due Date 2,993  09/2014 Full Text.

Flash Fiction

Projects of 500-1000 words. Content is available as a blog post through the link.

Title Word Count Written Notes
The Box        763 05/2007 Full Text.
Veronica 500 01/2017 Full Text.
The Right Frog 500 02/2017 Full Text.
Hyperspace 500 2014 (2017) Full Text
Untitled 500 04/2017 Pending
Untitled 500 05/2017 Pending
Untitled 500 06/2017 Pending
Untitled 500 07/2017 Pending
Untitled 500 08/2017 Pending
Untitled 500 09/2017 Pending
Untitled 500 10/2017 Pending
Untitled 500 11/2017 Pending
Untitled 500 12/2017 Pending

Other Fiction

Follow the link to fiction that doesn’t apply to the above categories (usually micro fiction, but maybe poetry or other tidbits).