Cycle of Sin

Title: The Cycle of Sin: Together Damned
Word Count: 102,838
Genre: Fantasy
Status: Trunked
Year Submitted: 2010
Submissions/Rejections: 7/7
Partial Requests: 1


Kit Ardor is a soldier, the bastard princess of Luran, and never supposed to be a queen. Her marriage to Xanith Silverwind, Heir of Seon, changed that. But her wedding did not end in celebration; it ended with Seon’s King dying in her arms.

Centuries ago civil war nearly annihilated the immortal Elíor and survivors still hunt remnants of the old regime in their conquest to regain their lost kingdom. Seon’s King is one of the last fugitives and the Elíor summon the demon Chaos to slay him. But Chaos has other plans. In Luran, Kit’s sister’s clumsy spell weaving opens another, more inviting door into the land of the living. Chaos dominates the unsuspecting princess, rather than be captured by the Elíor. Unfettered, Chaos decimates Luran’s royal family.

With their original plan foiled, the Elíor disguise themselves as wedding guests, infiltrate Seon’s Royal Palace, and assassinate the King. His death leaves Xanith as the last exile of a war that ended long before his birth.

Kit and Xanith hold the only weapons capable of banishing the demons from the world, three swords entrusted to them by the late King. But Kit can’t face an army of demons alone and Xanith is reluctant to believe in creatures only she can see.

With both thrones vacant, the two countries teeter on the brink of collapse. While Kit’s possessed sister terrorizes her homeland, the Elíor and their demonic army lay waste to Xanith’s kingdom. Faced with living the rest of her life in hiding, Kit must choose between saving her husband’s homeland or the land of her birth. Forsake one country to save the other, or risk losing both.


Behind the Novel
This is my first completed novel. It has a sordid past.

This started out as a monstrosity cobbled together from years of online role play and fan fiction with no distinct plot and way too much plagiarism from whatever games, books, or T.V. shows we happened to watch at the time. It was about 63,000 words and far too short for publication. But that’s not the point. The point is that it was awful. I even subjected my best friends to editing that monstrosity (I am so sorry!). Then I wrote it again.

It’s been revised twice since then and is much better than it started out (all the plagiarism is gone, it doesn’t smack of fanfiction anymore, and everything), and it’s the best that I could produce at the time, but it’s just not the story that it needs to be.

I still love the characters and the story, and I will revisit this story eventually, but not yet. Some people have said that I trunked it early, but I am confident I made the right choice.

Endlessly tinkering with this story has held me back from writing anything else.

I’m not entirely happy with it: There are squishy parts, there are parts where the story went sideways, and I don’t have the skills to fix them… yet.

So, I promised myself that I wouldn’t touch this book again until I had at least a second (and unrelated) novel ready for submission. Frankly, it seems most of the authors that I follow have to get past five trunked novels before they hit gold and there is no reason not to expect the same from myself. So, maybe after 4 more novels I’ll be able to return to this one and tell the story properly.